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Protecting the environment

The Very Best Green Production & Waste Management Practices

Sustainability at TLC Signs

We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, with sustainability at the core of all operations. We offer a range of signage products where, as a customer, you can offset some of your own CO2 emissions through Carbon Balancing and Carbon Capture schemes that are delivered by The World Land Trust globally or the Woodland Trust here in the UK.

As an environmentally responsible signage company we use wherever possible renewable, vegetable-based inks instead of harmful solvents, which emit significantly lower levels of harmful waste (including fewer VOCs) into the atmosphere, without compromising quality. Additionally, all lights and machinery are turned off whenever they are not in use in order to avoid any excess energy consumption.

Our comprehensive energy policy also minimises our impact on the environment by promoting only energy efficient print practices and processes at all times – giving our customers the guarantee they need that they are working with a signage company that takes its responsibilities extremely seriously.

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